The management of Box Models Agency, a Nigerian modelling agency, has made known its intentions of blowing up the relatively staid Nigerian modelling industry. It intends to accomplish this feat by capturing the best male and female models, training them to the limit, connecting them to an appreciative global audience, and offering the most optimum services to its diverse client base. While this might seem like a tall order, especially because Box Models Agency is a relatively new entrance into the modelling industry, there is no disputing their passion for excellence and their uncompromising pursuit of perfection.

Pursuant to its objective, Box Models Agency has embarked on a strategic drive to boost the number of talented models signed up to it and expand the range of services it offers. It has been lately interviewing a fair number of models and has signed up a few whose goals, hunger and vision match its own. It is also relentless in putting these models through some rigorous tutorials that will in future ensure that they can win the best awards and accolades in the Nigerian and international modelling industry.

Box Models Agency is also determinedly broadening its client base and improving on the quality of the already impressive array of services that it offers to interested parties. New clients are made to see the virtues of signing and partnering with what has to be the best and most success-seeking modelling agency in Nigeria. They are then made happy, loyal and serene by being offered the best possible services at the best possible time and the best possible rates.

As of today, Box Models Agency has a growing social media fan base and the agency is determined to leverage the power of social media and render the most peerless services that will assuredly blow up the Nigerian modelling scene and show to all that it fully means business.

About Box Models Modelling Agency Nigeria

Box Models Agency is a recently established Lagos-based modelling agency that represents male and female models, as well as social media model influencers. It is overseen by some social media-savvy entrepreneurs and professional models and has charted a path that other modelling agencies are desperate to follow. Box Models Agency, owned by an award-winning digital agency in Lagos Nigeria, scouts, develops, and manages models, and then connect them to the brands that need their services. It offers a range of services to its clientele including, but not limited to editorial photography, TV commercials, fashion photography, fashion shows, eCommerce services, and promos.